Garbin Group is our brand, the only one that distinguishes the trenchers made in Italy.
For us, tradition means being operating on the European market for 50 years with a range of products extending from public and private groundcare to large-scale civil engineering work.

Garbin Group is a dynamic and flexible company, ready to satisfy all specific requirements. It offers a crafted industrial product featuring a sturdy structure, components manufactured in ITALY, electronics reduced to a minimum and unique ease of use.


Garbin Group, following the correctness and the capacity that always marked the relation with the market, remains at the Customer’s disposal to satisfy any particular requirement and give the solution of any problem it might raise along the time.

The Customer can trust on a qualified technical and commercial staff of Garbin Group, which supplies the fastest assistance near its works or, on request, near the Customer’s work-field directly, by a proper mobile work shop.


Garbin Group has got the right knowledge to study, plan and develop its own “Quality system“, in accordance with the long and large experience and operating towards a precise company-policy.

Applying the necessary procedures to get the above mentioned certification, Garbin Group is now ready to supply any Customer and for each sold article: a) CE Manufacturer’s declaration; b) CE mark, stated on the proper metallic plate which is fixed on the product frame; c) Use and maintenance manual, with the indispensable instructions for the proper use of the product.

All this has been possible by the clear definition of a programmatic activity which is designed to get a quality certification of product, by means the resources planning. Garbin Group has directed its own technical and commercial staff towards more and more accurate directions, to get the “CE” European mark.

This manual must be considered like an integral part of the machine, in order to use the product in safety conditions. On the documents which are supplied with any machine, the company Garbin Group is named like the sole manufacturer and assistance centre for the products. This is a further warranty of the precise choice concerning the materials and the components and of the final test, too, which is always put in practice before the entrance of the product into the market.