• Fields

    Trencher for green keepers, micro irrigation. For laying underground waterpipes or electric cables, without damaging the lawn and by moving the least ground

  • Overall size and weight

    140 x 80 x h80 cm – 133 kg

  • Accessories on request

    • Kit for increasing the trench width up to 13 cm for bucket/mixed tools
    • Kit for increasing the trench width up to 12 cm for bit tools
    • Trench cleaner


Honda engine 200 GX 6,5 HP –unleaded petrol

Trench depth

up to 45 cm

Adjustable trench width

11 and/or 13 cm with bucket or mixed tools, 10 and/or 12 cm with bit tools

Mechanical transmission to the trench chain

by means special belt with a centrifugal clutch and gear reducer in bath oil

Semi-automatic calibrated moving

Anti-backward and anti-injury device

Anti-backward device during excavation
Immediate anti-injury stop device